The FIREBird System

FIREBird provides a unique “micro” approach to wildfire detection. Rather than looking for signs of a fire from a distance, FIREBird devices are designed to continuously monitor and protect discrete areas, borders, right-of-way, and more.

Wildfire Detection with FIREBird

  • Continuous, 360 degree, monitoring of the surrounding area is provided by 14 wildfire-specific thermal detectors and optical cameras.
  • Fires as small as 3’ x 3’ can be detected as far as 400’ from a FIREBird device, providing small fire detection across 16+ acres.
  • Larger fires can be detected up to ½ mile away, depending upon terrain.
  • The chance of missing a fire, or of a false detection, is minimized with the advanced neural-network algorithms in each FIREBird device.

Comprehensive Fire Monitoring

  • Cameras capture and transmit images of the surrounding area when a fire is detected. These images provide useful information for firefighters and create documentation to assist in determining the source of ignition.
  • A built-in high accuracy weather station measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity; vital information for fire fighters when assessing the fire event.
  • Continuous communication is ensured by built-in cellular and satellite radios.
  • Days of power backup are provided by a built-in, fire resistant battery.

Discover the FireSense Portal

The FireSense web portal provides real-time photos, notifications of fires, weather conditions, and more.