Innovative Technology for Early Detection

FIREBird is the first wildfire detection system intended specifically for deployment along high fire risk rights‐of‐way, such as utility power lines, or wildland urban interface boundaries adjacent to residential developments. Easily mounted on any structure, FIREBird devices support continuous wildfire detection along these high fire risk boundaries when placed at regular intervals.

This unmanned system, delivers automatic notification of detected wildfires to authorized first responders; typically, within 2 minutes.

Wildfires caused by power lines average 10x larger
FIREBird protects a 60-acre area


Wildfire detection as far as 900 feet

The FIREBird system is capable of detecting wildfires as small as 5 feet by 5 feet as far away as 900 feet. Each FIREBird unit delivers wildfire detection over a 60‐acre area. When regularly placed along critical boundaries, the system delivers continuous fire detection along that path. The FIREBird system is ideal for use along any property border.


Optimized to detect small, nearby fires

Many wildfire detection systems and programs watch for wildfires at a distance. Detection occurs only once the fire becomes large enough to sense.

High fire severity areas require an additional layer of detection. FIREBird devices offer the ability for a focused, local approach to wildfire detection. The result is detection of fires when they are smaller and easier to contain with fewer resources, resulting in less financial devastation.

The FIREBird system can be used as a stand-alone solution or can be used to compliment other wildfire detection systems.

Small wildfires are detected quickly by the FIREBird system
FIREBird offers continuous 36-degree detection


A complete solution

Each FIREBird device provides:

  • Continuous, 360-degree, monitoring provided by 14 wildfire-specific thermal detectors and optical cameras
  • 2-minute detection-to-reporting time (typical)
  • Measurement of fire-critical weather data including windspeed, wind direction, temperature and humidity
  • Right-of-way condition monitoring
  • Self-contained cellular communications
  • Integrated web reporting

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How can you prevent a fire from becoming massively destructive?

A Wildfire Timeline

Detect fires when they are small

Small fires can be quickly extinguished using fewer fire fighting resources.

When a fire is noticed by people at a distance, it is likely too late.

Fire Timeline Without Early Detection

Based on an actual event, this fire started about 18 minutes before it was reported. At that time, it was one-acre in size.

In the 21 minutes that it took fire fighting resources to arrive, prevailing weather and terrain resulted in a fire that had spread to 100 acres.

Fire Startup Timeline & Initial Spreading

Fire Timeline With Early Detection

Early detection and notification of a small fire shortly after ignition can recover lost time.

Mathematic modeling predicts that fire fighters could have arrived to a more easily contained 2-acre fire with early detection.

Fire Startup Timeline & Initial Spreading

Why FIREBird?

FIREBird continuously monitors the surrounding area, detecting very small fires up to 400 feet away and detecting larger fires out to 900 feet.

The system provides immediate notification by email and text to designated persons or groups.

Real-time photos of detected fires can be viewed from your laptop or mobile device.

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