FireSense Web Portal

The FireSense web portal provides easy access to all FIREBird device notifications and information whether your system consists of one device or 1000.

Scalable Deployment

  • A single FIREBird device can protect a sensitive area. 
  • Larger properties may deploy a group of FIREBird devices to cover its area and protect its perimeter.
  • Utilities may deploy multiple groups of devices to protect multiple power lines and substations.

Automated FIRE Detection

  • Each FIREBird sensor contains the processing power to detect wildfires.  No full-time personnel are required to scan images.
  • The FireSense portal gathers information from all FIREBird devices and actively sends a notification by text and/or email when a fire is detected.
  • Fire notifications can be sent to any number of people or entities. Different contact groups can be defined for each device.

at your

  • View a quick summary of all FIREBird devices
  • One click automatically displays a map which includes all FIREBird devices indicating active fires
  • Quickly access information from any device, including weather, fire and heat alarms, notification history, and camera imagery
  • Turn on map overlays to see active fires, red flag zones, and even real time weather

Monitor Utility Right-of-Way

  • Detection of small fires along a utility right-of-way can be achieved by placing FIREBird devices at regular intervals
  • Quickly identify fires caused by electrical faults, debris, animals, or persons, and capture documentary images
  • Two dedicated “line view” cameras provide images for observation of utility line conditions at any time
  • A unique “PSPS Clear” feature assists in ending Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events more quickly

Web & Mobile Friendly

  • The mobile-friendly FireSense portal can be accessed from any browser.
  • For utility & fire professionals: The “Follow Me” function keeps you informed of nearby fires when you travel. The “Off-Duty” function turns off all notifications.

Why FIREBird?

Because tens of thousands of wildfires occur annually.